The Resource Library [FREE]

The Resource Library [FREE]


Fancy a Library full of resources you can use for FREE?

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The templates, worksheets, planning pages, magical spreadsheets that I have made over the years are stashed in here.

They cover all business areas, marketing, advertising, PR, financing/money management, sales strategies and ideas, content ideas and planning, managing testimonials and referrals, managing staff/volunteers/not for profits - you name it - I have probably made it or come across it in the last 25 years and have a resource or recommendation for it.

I'm sharing them all for free so you don't have to go all over the place trying to find answers and solutions to issues you have this minute.

I take requests for resources - so if you sign up and what you want isn't around - email me and you never know - I may fulfill your dreams.

See you on the other side.


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Tools & Templates

Here be pirate gold.

Ok - maybe not that - but within these gilded pages are some of the templates, workbooks and tools I have made over the years and apps, resources, people and goodies I use and love.

The Shit Hits Fan plan

Not much left to be said - other than grab a notepad and get started!

Mighty Books I Love

Coming soon!

Gadgets, Gizmos, Tools and Apps to love and adore

This list of everything and everyone I use is often updated as it's my own repository and I find it useful to have everything in one place. I hope you find it useful – if there is an area you would like to see more resources for – just shout! *I am adding a few things every month and compiling the list from my scraps of paper, sticky notes, trello notes, favourites bar and a host of places – checking for dead links and updated apps etc so keep checking back. 

Disclosure: Some of the following links are affiliate links to books and gadgets that I hold dear to my heart. All are things I own, use and love or I wouldn’t recommend them. I do get a small kickback if you buy through these links, but you WILL NOT incur any additional cost… If you purchase through an affiliate links – it's really appreciated.

Having said that – please please please don’t spend money on products unless you feel that you really need them.  

That advice applies to life in general. 

Rebecca x

* Affiliate links will be marked – all amazon links are affiliate.

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