Shit Hits Fan Plan

Shit Hits Fan Plan

Shit Hits Fan Plan

Learn all my strategies to make sure life (or 2021!) doesn’t kick you in the cahoonas like 2020 did.

Discover my super simple 4 step process so you are ready for whatever this year throws at you and your business.

Imagine being able to prevent shit hitting the fan completely in your business and having a foolproof plan of action ready and waiting for when life throws a spanner in the mix?

Or being free of the worry of how your business would manage if you are suddenly hospitalised. There's a plan in place for who needs contacting, what needs to happen and where everything is! Anyone in your team, family or friends can pick it up and implement it.

Or your email marketing system goes down mid launch. You can't send the promotional emails or the welcome emails. But because you have a plan and steps in place you can get up and running with a back up system in a jiffy. 

Maybe you are about to do a live training session and Zoom Just. Won't. Work. Luckily you have a plan - you email and notify attendees the back up plan and link. Sorted within 15 minutes max.

That’s totally possible for you. And how do I know? - Because my dear Sausages - those are real-life results I and clients have had once the Shit Hits Fan Plan way of life has been adopted and mastered.

Why I do this is super important to me.

4 years ago my eldest son had a psychotic break and went from being this globe trotting IT whizz - to a shadow of himself. I've gone from never having to worry about what he was up to in the world to his full time carer dealing with the constant uncertainty of his psychotic cycle and all it entails.

All that kept me sane and managing my work and the constant interruptions to my life was the Shit Hits Fan Plan - always having a plan B and C and being able to PIVOT when Shit Hit The Fan.

Then when my partners best friend died suddenly in Nov 2019 and I saw the ramifications of having everything in your head, no real systems or emergency plans… Watching his widow and children try to plough through the random text messages and gentlemans handshakes in place of contracts and receipts for over a year made me decide I want everyone to get a Shit Hits Fan Plan together. I don't want to see anyone have to deal with that on top of grieving ever again. How many of us keep our business largely in our head?

When I started implementing the plan, I realised it was something I'd always done subconsciously on a low scale throughout my life and I never realised that other people don't. That perhaps we aren't all wired to think ‘what if…’.  

In large firms they have crisis/emergency/contingency planning - I feel that's even more important to the small business owner. No matter how big or small the shit hitting your fan is - you can make a plan to avoid or be ready to deal with it in 4 easy steps.

Who am I? Me 👋 I’m Rebecca Catterall, an Online Business Manager, Operations Strategist and all round Nagger. I’ve bottled up everything I know about Crisis and Contingency planning in this in-depth training so you too can be a smug and prepared little Sausage.

What else? Your ticket to Shit Hits Fan Plan includes:

  • Everything you need to know about planning, assessing and making a mighty fine Shit Hits Fan Plan.
  • Lifetime access to the video recording and slides and all updates as the course evolves and grows.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long will this take?
The training will take around 60 minutes. 

And for you to put things into action - anything from 2-6 hours. It depends how detailed you go, how many scenarios you have, how involved things are etc. 
But honestly - anything you do towards this is better than doing nothing.

What if I don’t learn anything new?
1. I'd be amazed, astounded and gobsmacked. Honestly!
2. If you don't feel you have learnt anything new on the training, let me know within 1 week of purchasing the trainings and I’ll refund you in full. 

Is this for Business or Life in General?
The training can be applied to anything and everything where decisions need to be made but primarily the training will focus on Business Scenarios. The skills and tips you learn though will have you applying it to every avenue of your life before you realise it and I provide examples of how you could use it in your personal/home life.

How many Shits went into the making of this?
Honestly - so many shits... I give a lot of shits about this topic and I'm super passionate about it. I've also given up all hope of Facebook Ads ever allowing it to run in its full glory. *snigger*

I’ve got another question.
Great! Email me at

Ready to geek out and get scary organised?

Buy the Shit Hit Fan Plan and discover everything you need to shit proof your life and business.

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