The Blind Date [FREE CHAT UP CALL]

The Blind Date [FREE CHAT UP CALL]

You want some help. You might want my help. But are we a fit for each other? Will you even like me?

Want to unburden your business woes on me for a free consultation call and see where it leads.

You never know - it could be the beginning of something wonderful!

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The Blind Date [FREE CHAT UP CALL]

So you've taken the plunge - you are going to go on that blind date and see how it goes.

You brave sausage.

To get the most of our time together - there is a short form around here - if you could fill it in and return it - that would be amazing!

Before we go any further though - to set/change/amend/check your date with me - check out this link.

The date (unless you really want to pick the date location) will be on zoom and I will send you a link when I confirm the date.

Please download zoom to whatever device you will be using at least 30 minutes prior to our date so you know everything is working smoothly.

You can download Zoom from HERE.

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